Good Night.

Hello lovely ladies... So I wanted to use my blogger app on my iPhone and since I'm having a difficult time falling asleep I decided to write what was on my mind!.

As I type this I have drakes take care album on blast and I can't get my taught together lol anyway I'm still not good expressing myself or writing but I'm an awesome rambler lol

So I just washed my face, moisturize and put some lip balm on.. While I was doing that I realized that I only wash and moisturize my face at night, since I have oily face it's super annoying to do this in the mornings as well bc if I wash my face it feels way to dry and after I moisturize it feels too oily, so in the mornings all I do is take ONE teeny tiny drop of my clean and clear to get the excess oil off my face .. This really sounds gross lol but it really works for me... So if you have time to comment let me know what's your cleansing routine or however you call it, and what moisturizer you use.

Btw, I apologize for my awful English, I'm still in the process of learning and autocorrect can't do everything by its self lol ..

Good night ❤,

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  1. I also have oily skin and it`s so hard for me to make it like normal - not too oily and not too dry. And I still haven`t found the perfect routine. lol But I have like few must-do steps. Since I always don`t have time in the mornings, I only wash my face, use my cleansing milk and put the cream that my cosmetician made me a while ago - it`s mainly against acne but actually helps the whole skin.
    And in the evenings I use a scrab or something. Right now I`m using NIVEA`s ALL-IN-1. It says it has 5 actions in just 1 step - wash, scrub, mask, antibacterial, non-irritating. And it`s actually pretty good. And after this I use my cream again.
    And that`s all I do. I don`t like using tons of creams and products on my skin so I`m trying to make it as simple as possible