MyGlam: Love is in the air.

Hey chicas, I got home this afternoon and checked the mail box and look what was in there! oohh yes, my glam bag. I was so excited. This is my first month, they sent me an email saying the bag would be here in the middle part of the month and I've been waiting for it since the month started lol 

*I assume everyone knows what my glam is, but in case you don't it's a monthly subscription where subscribers receive a bag with deluxe samples and a full sized beauty products all for $10 a month.*

With that being said, let me show a closer look of what I got. I knew I going to get a lipstick because in the email the had pictures with tons of lipsticks but for some reason I was expecting a red one, I wanted to do a look around the lipstick, now i don't lol 
*right: with flash/ left: without flash*

The lipstick is by studio gear, its called Burnished Rose and its a frost. it's very similar to my skin tone so it looks like an orangy lipgloss on me. Sadly either of the pictures show what the product actually looks like. 

These are the myglam concealer brush and defining eyeliner brush. I can't say much, but the concealer brush I used it as a lip brush bc its kind of too small for concealing in my opinion.

Last but not least I got the Philosophy Love sweet love spray and miss beauty nail bling. The fragrance is fruity, very fruity. You either love it or hate it.. I can't stop smelling it, but for all the wrong reasons lol and I was measuring my nails on the nail bling and almost all of them get half way to the hearts, so they will look like broken hearts lol 

Btw, excuse the pictures, I know they're not that hot, but its kind of hard to hold the camera with on hand, the products with the other and expect and awesome pic lol. anywho, what's your favorite monthly subscription membership??? Thanks for visiting :) Have an awesome day.


  1. i am subscribed to none i really want to tho but i cant figure out which i might enjoy!! great post mama i wanna see your posts in my feed ;)

    1. lol I was about to join the mint julep, but im too cheap so I went w my glam lol btw, I'm trying to pop up on your feed as much as possible lol

  2. sorry i took so long this comment was from ayer ;)