Review: SEPHORA anti-shine primer

Hello girly girls, since I'm home today I decided to hit off the dust off my bloggy. Like a month ago I purchased the sephora anti-shine primer since i was running low on the elf one that for some reason I still have, I was a little skeptical about it at first because for some reason I've never liked the sephora brand, why? idk. So since i didn't why I thought it would be good to give them a try.
So here's what the packaging looks like.

Let me start off by saying that at first I thought the packaging looked a little cheap but I actually like this bottle better than other primers i've had.. know what I mean? It's easy to manage how much product you take out, so you don't really waste anything.
((((((OMG i just went on the sephora website to see the price.. I paid $18 + tax and you know what?? It's on sale for $5. I almost cried lol )))))))
getting back on track, my first impression was NOT a good one due to the fact that Sephora claims that this primer guarantees an immediate action for a perfectly matte skin for 8 hours. Since I have super oily skin I wasn't expecting my face to be matte for 8 hrs.
So here is how it went, since this is supposed to be a primer I used it by itself under my foundation and I immediately had a matte face as they said, but it didn't even last an hour, my face looked like a disco ball. I kept using it like that for a while, then I started to use it over my elf primer and life got better. yup! When I use it with a primer under it, my face lasted like 2 hours before I had to run to my blotting papers, my face wasn't completely matte but I only had to blot my T-zone and dust on my oil control powder, my face lasted like 5 more hours ( the powder did the magic lol)

As you can see above, the primer comes out white but after you rub it in there's no sign of primer, the only way you know it was there is because your face will feel matte.
The elf primer is more like a silicon base which is recommended to people with oily face and the sephora primer is light weight, liquidy formula, so I assumed that's why it wasn't working so well for me. 
To finish up this post, I would rate this primer 3.5/5 and won't re-purchase. 

With that being said I think I covered every thing, If I didn't feel free to leave a comment and I would like to know what your favorite primer?  

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