2 in 1

Hola Queridas..
so today i'll be lazy and do a 2 in 1 post... showing the goodies i got in my glam bag and the ones I won in Jessica's giveaway :D
Let's start off with Jess. 

so I won the 3 piece liquid eyeliner set, lip balm spf 15 in shade rose and a pair of whispy lashes.. I love every single thing, I'm totally obsessed with the silver eyeliner, u take a few minutes popping it on and u look like u really gave it your all. (((and I say minutes bc as u can see in the pic the applicators dont give a sharp line, so I have to wait till it dries to go over it again))). 
The balm is very convenient bc it's skinny enough to keep it in your pocket, it moisturizes and also gives a hint of color.. With that being said, THANKS JESS FOR HOSTING YOUR GIVEAWAYS, HOPE I KEEP WINNING lol

on to part 2 of the post.... MY GLAM BAG.

In the June glam bag there was 4 items but I dnt know where the other one went lol
I really like the gold bag, its not the best bag but its cute.
I got a moisturizer, NYX lipstick and Marbella liquid eyeliner.
I was excited for this bag bc I love the pic of Andrea jeje not only that but its my first NYX item and I've been eyeing them for a while. The eyeliner is nothing to be excited about since the tip is kind of chunky and I swatched it on my arm and the ink creased away in my fine lines -.- only good thing is that it does smudge after it dries.
and lastly the moisturizer, its works amazing for my skin, it doesn't claims to do anything for oily skin but my face is not as oily as it was before. I'm sure I'll purchase the full size of this.

Ok girlies, thanks for stopping by and have an awesomeeeeeee week xoxo

btw, thanks for following, when I saw 10 followers i got excited, I giggle everytime I remember. 


One Lovely Blog Award

I was tagged by Jessica, Thank you for having me in mind and giving me my first award :') lol, you're so kind and I love your blog, always looking forward to a new post even if I don't comment. 

There's only 2. share 7 random facts about yourself and award 7 blogs (( i'll skip this bc I always award the same ppl, and im sure they are sick of me lol))

  1. I love cupcakes way more than cakes.
  2. Once I get comfortable around someone, I talk so much they dnt wanna see me ever again lol
  3. I'm a self diagnosed Bipolar
  4. I focus a little too much on the con's, rather than the pro's
  5. I can't sleep without a blanket/sheet or whatever its called, even if its 90 degrees.
  6. I interrupt ppl while they're talking... actually, I never finish a sentence when I start another one.
  7. I love cereal, I could eat it for the rest of my life. 

This is the hardest thing I've done in a while, when it comes to "talk about myself" I freeze.. anyway, thanks for stopping by and have a marvelous week. Xoxo Lon 


Nail Bling.

Hey girlfriends,
Two weeks ago I was moving and broke a couple nails so I was bombed bc I had a lot planned for them. anyways, I came across these nail bling that I got in my first glam bag and gave them a go.

i'll start off by saying that I give them a 3.5 of 5.


  • They are shinny, but not too girly ((which I love bc I'm not a girly girl at all)) 
  • They are so easy to put on and since they're stickers, they are not going to smudge/move if you touch it by mistake. 
  • I've had them on for about 5 days and they still look good


  • When I ran my fingers thru my hair, my hair stayed stuck on the blings (even after 3 coats of top coat??? goshh that sentence sounds weird, but u know what I mean) 
  • My fingernail tip were not really covered (not sure if my fault) so my nails kept breaking
  • In my opinion they dnt fit my nails appropriately, some are not wide enough, others are too wide

I'll leave you with some not too awesome pics of my teeny tinny nails lol

Thanks for reading and have an awesome weekend xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo