One Lovely Blog Award

I was tagged by Jessica, Thank you for having me in mind and giving me my first award :') lol, you're so kind and I love your blog, always looking forward to a new post even if I don't comment. 

There's only 2. share 7 random facts about yourself and award 7 blogs (( i'll skip this bc I always award the same ppl, and im sure they are sick of me lol))

  1. I love cupcakes way more than cakes.
  2. Once I get comfortable around someone, I talk so much they dnt wanna see me ever again lol
  3. I'm a self diagnosed Bipolar
  4. I focus a little too much on the con's, rather than the pro's
  5. I can't sleep without a blanket/sheet or whatever its called, even if its 90 degrees.
  6. I interrupt ppl while they're talking... actually, I never finish a sentence when I start another one.
  7. I love cereal, I could eat it for the rest of my life. 

This is the hardest thing I've done in a while, when it comes to "talk about myself" I freeze.. anyway, thanks for stopping by and have a marvelous week. Xoxo Lon 


  1. lmao at #2 hahaaaaa love ur answers girly

  2. Fun post!! :) really liking your blog, Hun.

    Newest follower xx